See below for in-person and online speaking dates and check back for more events as they are added. You can also follow Elizabeth on Facebook or sign up for her email list to stay in the loop. 

9/15/17 - 9/17/17: HAPPINEZ FESTIVAL, near Utrecht, Netherlands
 The Happinez Festival is the biggest spiritual festival in The Netherlands, organized by Happinez Magazine. It's held every other year on the premises of the old Fortress Voorburg, near Utrecht. I’ll give an hour-long talk each day for the three days of the festival. Learn more.   

I will be participating in this online summit. Details have not yet been posted so check back soon. Learn more.  

10/6-17 - 10/8/17: OMEGA INSTITUTE'S WOMEN & POWER CONFERENCE, Rhinebeck, NY
I’ll be speaking at our annual women’s conference. It’s always a fantastic event.  Learn more.    

10/26/17: TOGETHER LIVE, Philadelphia, PA -I'll be speaking as part of this nationwide Together Tour with other speakers and storytellers as we reclaim our shared humanity, overcome fear and division, choose love and ignite change. Learn more. 

1/7/18 - 1/11/18: MII AMO RETREAT, Sedona, AZ  The all-inclusive retreats at Mii Amo encourage participants to explore and rediscover themselves. This retreat is for anyone who wants to choose growth over fear or stuckness or inertia or confusion. We will gather at the cusp of the new year and spend some time together each day looking at what we want to leave behind, and what we want to call forth to guide us through the months ahead. Learn more.